September 30th, 2022

 Every year, September offers me a fresh outlook tinged with a nostalgic touch of back-to-school happiness. Yes. I was the eager kid who began back-to-school planning the first week of August and had first day excitement a full week ahead. Now, it makes me happy seeing kids walking by our house on their way to school, filling their days with  a sense of community, structure, and active learning.

That said, my month has been anything but orderly. Scattered with an assortment of doctor appointments, struggling with a new piece of writing, exploring the possibility of a new writing group, keeping up with queries to publishers, meeting with friends, and general life-commitments, the days are a blur.

Except of course Sunday, September 25th. For several years I’ve had the privilege of being part of Word Vancouver by offering feedback to writers through SFU’s TWS, and this year was no exception. After two years of COVID isolation and online consults, being in the presence of real people, communicating face-to-face, felt liberating. I left energized by the power of community.


Construction Zone

Our house is full and some days simply grounding myself can be a struggle. Enter Grant, the best partner a person could imagine, cordoning off a corner of his garoffice, installing studs, wallboard, and wiring, to create a room for me. Of my own. An escape with space and light for my easel and paints, my whiteboard, a table and comfy chair, and silence. #lookingforward #forevergrateful


Hey There, Kitty Cat.

Last month I said I’d stop drawing cats and stick to watching videos of them but apparently I misjudged my level of obsession. Allergies may prevent me from adopting a cat into my physical world, and the availability of entertaining videos may be endless, but I can’t resist trying to capture feline beauty in simple strokes of charcoal. One day I’ll find the magic.


I believe this month’s book list brings me to a tally of 31 completed works so far this year.

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