August 31st. 2022

Summer is almost over … and to that I say “Yay”.

Despite seeming endless, this year’s season of oppressive heat has flown by and I can’t help wonder where it went. I don’t want to use my Multiple Sclerosis as an excuse for personal shortcomings so rarely discuss the disease but hot weather is not its friend – or mine. Twenty-six degrees Celsius and higher exhausts my energy tank, fills my veins with liquid lead, and complicates every effort to achieve what I consider an acceptable level of chores and tasks. So August frustrates me.

As far as my writing goes, I’m not currently generating anything new. Instead, re-purposing bits I’ve removed in the editing process of my memoir into short pieces, playing with both fiction and non-fiction, keeps me busy seeking possibilities. There was a reason I created them in the first place, so I just need to find them a home. And I remain optimistic as I continue submitting queries for my manuscript to publishers.

I am pretty pleased with myself for creating my very first Power Point Video. Mid-month, with a little help from my grandson, Brody, I compiled a series of photos of Grant and me from the last thirty years to provide background for our vow renewal celebration on the 19th.  “The Hunter” by Jennifer Warnes was the finishing touch and when you read my memoir “Behind the Wheel”, you’ll understand the song’s relevance.

On the 27th we met our two-year-old twin grand-babies for the first time. Now that their family has relocated to the Lower Mainland I look forward to fun times getting to know the sweet bundles of energy.

So, despite my heat-imposed sloth’s pace, I have kept busy and am grateful that August has flown.


The cat I drew is kind of okay and I was going to use it but came across a photo of my ninety-one-year old father-in-law’s birthday last June. The composition of him surrounded by his granddaughter and two of his great-grandchildren, all eager to see the colourful card in his hands, makes me very happy. So it won this time.

(Maybe I’ll stick to cat videos and stop trying to draw the poor animals.)


This ancient awning outside the front window of our 72 year old house is one of the tools we use to control the summer heat. That and strategic timing of open/closed windows and electric fan placement. We do what we can but I hope this is the last time in 2022 we will need to have the canopy open.


    … might look impressive but only because it includes July:

  • Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudiced (1813)
  • Jane Austen – Persuasion (1817)
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