EXIT 2015

I’m happy I took the time this morning to review my 2015 calendar. The difficulties of the year have weighed me down in a way I can’t quite define, other than to say they felt heavier than usual. More challenging. Yesterday’s wipeout in Pacific Centre was insult on top of injury and all I can say is, it’s a good thing I’m resilient, because two tumbles in two weeks is definitely out of the ordinary.

After taking inventory of 2015 events and placing them on a balance sheet, I am happy to announce that the good times far outweigh the bad. The vicious dog attack on me in my own neighbourhood, the vandalizing of my truck, and the disastrous water leak that took out both our bathrooms and all of our bank account (I’m going easy on this one – trust me), were quickly conquered by rare visits from nieces, nephews, grand-nieces and grandnephews that filled our lives with happiness and fun times. Thanks to Megan and Mac, we met our new grand-dog, Sprout. The summer was topped off by a most special visit from our two grandchildren, Brody and Aubrey, who were generous enough to bring their parents along for the ride. What fun we had! Thank you, John and Brenda.

We outsourced the task of evicting a rogue squirrel from our eaves, and I’m choosing to take a positive spin, despite the cost, on our installation of a new furnace. But Autumn did bring a new trial. While Grant’s brutal shingles attack was his alone to bear, his struggles made me ache for the ability to soothe and take away his pain.

The October time we had booked off for travel became a road trip to the Okanagan. Kelowna, south to Penticton, tasting wines and visiting our lovely, generous friends and part time wine tour operators, Paul and Patti. Further south to Osoyoos area and more wine tasting, the excursion was a refreshing distraction. Our Portland trip to see a dance debut turned out to be a daughter’s wonderful surprise wedding. Congratulations, Eowyn and Jonathan!

I had six great months working with a most excellent group of writers in a TWS Manuscript Intensive, exchanging valuable feedback and gaining new insights into my own writing. Thank you, Wayde Compton, Carys Cragg, Karen Faryna, Lorraine Kiidumae, and Kelly Roulette. Bimonthly workshops with the Ink Tank group, Maureen Reynolds, Kelly Roulette, Christy Storey, and John Taylor, further helped me hone my writing. I am grateful to you all.

The completion of my last chapter, is without a doubt the icing on my book, and my entire year.

Christmas in Tofino with Grant and Flint rounded out December. Surging, heaving waves, ever changing tides and light patterns, brute strength of the Pacific Ocean, grounded me and I recognized the enormity of nature and the world, and how small a player I am in its structure. What are my few hiccups to such earthly power?

Yes. The positive in my 2015 far outweighs the negative. A son’s engagement at Christmas, (Congratulations Luke and Christina!) two new bathrooms and a new Prime Minister, fundraising events for Honour House, Looking Glass Foundation and Fraser Fest are just some of the year’s highlights that outshine and diminish a few pesky inconveniences. My difficulties are minute, even in the scope of other First World problems. Freshly bruised knees and a stiff neck are my badges of defiance at 2015’s pathetic attempt to hurt me. Raising my throbbing, purple ring finger as a flag I thumb my nose at 2015.

I may fall, but I don’t break.

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